April 2020 Fishing Report

March 2020 Fishing Report
April 2, 2020
May 2020 Fishing Report
June 2, 2020

Well April 2020 was a weird month in all our lives with the global situation of COVID-19. I never dreamed it would be suggested for us to isolate from everybody, resulting in spending quality time on my boat. Wake me up from this dream…. that being said the month brought multiple great fishing days with family while we watched the city of Vancouver from a distance. It was eerie to see the city quiet with everyone adhering to the rules of staying inside as we floated in the harbour . This gave me some time to reflect on my situation with being on medical leave for my neck and think long and hard about what it was gonna take to get better. It also gave me the opportunity to spend some time with my brother and his wife and we sure made the best of many great days on the water. We fished from poirier passage, to thrasher rock, Nanaimo, Cape Roger Curtis, Bowen Island, the Hump and everywhere in between. We had some great days around Gabriola Island and prawning was fantastic in the trincomali channel. The weather was really great in early April we had some temperatures reminding us of summer days, one topped out at 26°. The chinook salmon fishing was closed again by the Department of fisheries even with the fishing being on incredible. On multiple days we had over 20+ chinook salmon caught and released with over 50% of the catch being hatchery produced species. Chinook were biting anything that looked like an anchovy as soon the downrigger hit the mark the fish were hammering it. Green white silver combinations work the best and the fish at this time of year are aggressive and hard fighting. When you get them on the hook they fight like twice the size, till you get them to the boat you realize they got a couple years to go till they reach that maturity level where they might become a champion tyee.  We also had an experience of a lifetime when we encountered a pod of killer whales feeding on a sea lion and training the young ones how to hunt. What we witnessed will be in our memories forever.

As we continue to monitor COVID-19 I look forward to spending time on the water with people important to me. Life is short enjoy the people you love and im lucky to have family and friends that love to fish. I will be monitoring the protocols for reopening kingslayer charters with all the safety measures being front and centre to ensure the safety of all my guests.
Keep well and stay healthy…

Captain Sam