April 2021 Fishing Report

October 2020 Fishing Report
December 5, 2020
May 2021 Fishing Report
May 31, 2021

Well its unfortunate to think that tomorrow the Inside fishery in the Georgia Straight will once again be closed to retention of Chinook Salmon. The DOF is going to close the fishery for the 3rd year in a row based on protecting the Fraser River stocks of concern. All the while they have turned a blind eye to the science presented to them by many experts in the field that there are multiple opportunities to have select marked fisheries for hatchery salmon. If this were to happen, we the sports fisherman and recreational anglers might be able to keep businesses afloat instead of the doom and gloom that is currently being felt all over the sector.

In preparation for tomorrow I went solo fishing today at the green can in Campbell River (my new home) and caught and released 31 legal spring salmon in just over 3 hours. I stopped when I decided to keep my last legal salmon and sit back and have a well deserved cold beer.

The propaganda that DOF minister is selling the public that there isn’t any fish in our waters is complete crap. We need a western canada minister to represent us in our sector, instead of ministers from the east making decisions based on political interests in the west.

Im a frustrated business owner who is being phased out and limited days to make a living for my family.

Hopefully tomorrows news will bring a sense of positiveness to the fishing season ahead.