August 2021 Fishing Report

July 2021 Fishing Report
August 1, 2021
August 26, 2021

August 2021

Momentum carried on right where July finished. Every 3 days new clients enjoyed pristine conditions with the warm sky’s fuelling the anticipation of the adventures ahead. We are lucky to be on the west coast hearing of all the hardships happening on the mainland due to the fires and heat waves. Clear sky’s and 6-8 degrees cooler than our friend’s and family were experiencing back at home.

Fishing was hot throughout the month, we covered a lot of territory, however to our advantage the fish had moved in closer to shore resulting in less travel and more time spent fighting fish. The coho fishing was incredible, they fight like a heavyweight boxer compared to there lightweight stature. Some epic fish boxes with limits of Chinook, coho, Halibut and Lings made the clients happy and my job of daily processing rewarding.

In the 2nd week the morning fog started to roll in and stayed for 10 days. It would eventually burn off however made for some interesting 5:30 am departures. Times like these reiterate the decision to pay 25k for electronics for ultimate safety while being on the water.

As the month came to an end the fish started to move into the inlets and begin the last journey in life to reproduce and spawn. It was my time to go home and enjoy the last days of summer with family and getting back to the game I love…GOLF

Looking forward to the inside fishery on the Georgia straight and fishing 15 minutes from home.