August Fishing Report

July 2023 Fishing report
July 17, 2023
September Fishing Report
September 1, 2023

Area 13 is in full throttle. The abundance of marine life is staging and preparing for the feeding frenzy. And for some, the final chapter of life has begun. Nowhere on earth is more powerful and unforgiving—or stunning and endlessly captivating—than the ocean.

Chinooks are showing up in good numbers throughout the Johnstone Strait. Try Fish Rock Bay just off Chatham point on slack tides, as the current can be difficult to navigate. Davis Point to Sonora Point is a good tack; the Chinooks are down deep, so get those plugs down in the zone, sometimes 200′ or more. Brown’s Bay and Deepwater Bay walls should produce a steady flow of fish as well. The Wilby Shoals area, around the red and green cans, is always a good option if the winds behave.

The coho fishery continues to hold strong, allowing sport anglers to pack some tasty meat in freezers. Use a little different presentation to target the C coho—longer leaders, smaller spoons (3.5″), and quicker trolling speeds should give you better chances overall.

The Tyee pools are in full swing, with this year’s brood stock showing a terrific return over last year. Make sure you understand the regulations and boundaries to fish in the pools.

If you want to join this historic club and become a member, check out the
Tyee Club of BC at

Prawning has slowed down per normal for this time of year, but you will have opportunities if you have the right depth and bait and the tide is in your favour. Sweet Dungeness crab will be maturing and plentiful in areas where they thrive. Contact your local tackle shop for info on these areas or give me a call. Have the right floats and gear, as DFO will be patrolling to ensure compliance.

Personally, I love August and September on the water. Not just because of the abundance of fishing opportunities, but also because of seeing BBQs smoking on the back decks of fishing boats, cooking up some fresh catch. It just reiterates the joy sport fishing bring to our community.