Brothers Slay

May 2019 Fishing Report
June 4, 2019
June 2019 Fishing Report
July 2, 2019

First week of June brought together an old school group of friends. With the perfect calm waters in the forecast we headed over to Thrasher Rock and Gabriola Island. We dropped the prawn and crab traps in the usual GPS locations and once again they came through with plenty for the dinner plates and meals beyond. Good thing they did because I forgot to bring the steaks…the ocean came through and the bounty was delicious. With the sun out and the wind calm, we were in for a great couple days of fishing ahead. We headed back to Thrasher rock and were fishing in 500ft of water at depths between 130 – 200 ft on the riggers. The first line down lasted 2 seconds before it was smashed by a 74 cm Chinook and that pace kept up for another 3 hours before the bite turned off. During this time we switched up between a couple different hootchies and spoons but it didn’t really matter cause they were hitting everything we put down. The nights were perfect, filled with laughter and rehashing memories from the past 20 years of friendship. Brad Moore took the brunt of the jokes due to a nice aerial maneuver at the dock…if only that was on video.

Great days with Brad (Moorzie) , Chris (Honey Bear) & Wade (POS) you guys are always welcome on the Hicksy.

Keep them tight