February 2020 Fishing Report

January 2020 Fishing Report
February 29, 2020
March 2020 Fishing Report
April 2, 2020

A few highs and lows this month,  Highs being continued Springs in the box accompanied with full freezers of prawns and crab for my customers. Low being when we woke up in in Silva Bay and went to check our sets we left out the night before and everything was stolen. Pretty sad that someone feels the need to steal from another fisherman. Feel free and take my protein but don’t take all my gear, Karma will catch up to them I’m sure of it.

We had a couple trips to Thrasher rock area and Gulf islands where continued success fishing on the bottom proved to be most productive. Lots of fish to be had, we limited out in two hours one afternoon and released 19 fish that were just a little bit under the 62 cm limit. The weather cooperated for the most part and made the crossings quite easy but everything’s easy on the Kingfisher.

My brother Joe turned 40, we went down to Mexico and caught a couple barracuda on a half day charter. There may or may not have been a little barfing on board in between Joe reeling in his 2 fish. Could have been a reaction to the copious amounts of tequila he had the night before LOL

Outlook for March is looking good hopefully the weather is calm and the fish boxes remain full.