February 2022 Update

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October 3, 2021
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May 24, 2023


February 2022

Wow so much has happened end over the past 3 months, good and bad.

I’ll get the bad out of the way first…..

So after spending a little time in Las Vegas chasing the royal flush at the poker table I came home to a “RAT” problem in my boat. The problem was the rodents decided to make the Hicksy their home and nest for the winter. Did you know that a Rat can fit in a hole the size of a nickel? Well they can…. Also learned that the hoses Kingfisher uses within the build for new boats is a 50/50 composite of plastic and soy!! So the rats dull their teeth and they eat it cause of the smell the soy gives off. So I think anyone reading this understands the fun and exciting journey that was ahead for me with dealing with the likes of “Insurers” of our toys. Long and the short of it is that on day 1 my insurers tell me that im 100% covered for the damage involved. Just 2 short days later someone above my brokers pay-grade tells me that he’s really sorry but they do not cover Vermin damage!! Cue the gut punch and realization that Insurance is truly the greatest scam in life. For all you boat owners out there check you insurance and the underwriters policy on vermin damage.

So onto the positive…..

Success in life for me has come through different avenues, but one that remains true is to always search for the positive that can come from the hardships we endure. The Hicksy needed a complete re-wiring of all the electrical system within the boat due to salt water damage to the system. I took this as an opportunity to put together a wish list since the boat had to be opened up with all floors, decking and inside being removed to upgrade and fix design flaws from the factory. Adding Solar charging capability, balancing the trim adding 180lb to the starboard side, upgrading consistent charging systems for video cameras, upgraded search light power and VHF back deck communication was a good start for the team at Parksville Boathouse. All dealings have been very professional and educational with the Brad and the team at Parksville Boathouse, id recommend these guys anytime for your boating needs.

On New years eve I sold my 18th and last 3 night charter in Esperanza for the summer of 2022. This accomplishment alone makes me excited for the future of my business. In 2019 I had 3 charters, 2020 – 6 charters, 2021- 9 charters and 2022 sold out with 18 groups ready to create some memories with Captain Hicksy.  Grateful yet Humble, lots of hard work yet to do.

April 1st is only 2 months away, the sport fisherman and coastal businesses eagerly anticipate DOF 2022 regulations. So much has changed and information’s been provided to the government with accuracy and science being on the for-front that we all hope there will be early season (April – July) opportunities for our sector to fish in areas of no concern to stocks in decline. SMF and areas have been defined and it would be a crime to once again slap the sport fisherman across the bow for the 4th year in a row.

Time will tell I have high hopes for a fabulous 2022. As i wait to get the new upgraded “Hicksy” back in the water and the April regulations, I think I’ll head south to Mexico to see if I can fight another blue marlin and add another story to tell on the Hicksy this summer……


Cheers Sammy