The Fishing Seasons

Westcoast BC is fortunate to have year-round opportunities for salmon and seasonal opportunities for halibut and bottom fish. The proximity of world class rivers can translate into an abundance of salmon throughout the year. Along with local stocks, there are waves of feeding and migrating salmon that pass by our doorstep on any given day of the year. We fish effectively for all five species of salmon in local waters depending on run timing.

Winter Fishing

Believe it or not, fishing in Campbell River in the winter months is the most consistent of the year. Between the months of October to March, we successfully target feeder Chinook salmon in the 10 to 15 pound range. These fish are some of the best table food of the year and we still get to spend the day on the beautiful British Columbia Coast. In addition to the salmon fishing, the harvesting of spot prawns and Dungeness crabs in the winter months is always a fun time. You can stay warm in the heated cabin and enjoy the views. Bottom fishing starts in February and the fun shifts to playing with these giants.

Spring Fishing

Warmer days bring bait fish into the Strait of Georgia. During April, May, and June we can chase Chinook salmon in the Strait of Georgia and in multiple areas. If Halibut, Ling Cod and Rockfish are what you are looking for we can target these fish, trips are available on our longer 10-hour or multi day options after May 1st if weather permits. Dungeness crabbing is very good up until early June and prawning is still excellent until early May.

Fall Fishing

Some of my best times on the water are had in the fall. As the seasons and colors change, the life cycles of these magnificent species are coming to an end and the rebirth begins. There is still excellent fishing for Coho till late October and we can even find a few feeder springs daily. Crabbing improves as the commercial fisheries are now closed and every day is a good day to be on the water in the fall.

Summer Fishing

Who doesn't love summer, the long warm and often often epic days are common in the summer fishery. With options to catch multiple species over the summer it makes the variety and areas to fish more abundant. Large Chinook and coho salmon available all summer long with Sockeye salmon arriving in August and September and retention is subject to DOF regulations. Pink salmon are available every odd year (2021, 2023, 2025) and are in local waters in July, August, and September.