Gulf Islands May 1 – 8th

KingSlayer Charters is on the water….
April 22, 2019
Prawning in the Gulf Islands
May 7, 2019

What an amazing 7 days with friends and family.
Weather was great for the first 2 days with great access to Thrasher Rock and Grande.
We caught and released 16 Chinook in 3 hours at Thrasher then came back for the night bite and got into another 9 at Grande. All these fish would have been keepers and many of them were in the 17 – 21 lb range. They were eating everything we put down, but were smashing the white death hootchie.

Mid week the winds came up and forced us to explore the protected waters inside the gulf Islands.
The Prawning was off the hook with traps coming up with 60- 100 per pot.
Crabbing was hit and miss but we got enough to have some on our dinner plate every night.

Winds are dying down tomorrow and my charter groups are going to have great days this weekend.