July 2023 Fishing report

June Fishing Report
June 22, 2023
August Fishing Report
August 31, 2023

Here we go! Summer has arrived, kids are out of school, vacations have begun, tourism is back in full force on the island, and our passion for fishing has us anglers prepped and ready for the months ahead.

The Chinook fishery will be well underway in Area 13. Know your regulations within the SMZ in Campbell River and update your chart plotters so you can see these zones. The Tyee pools will begin seeing this year’s returns arriving in mid- to late July. If you want to join this historical club and become a member, check out the Tyee Club of BC at  www.tyeeclub.org.

In Campbell River, the bait is typically larger, so when presenting your gear remember this. Plugs, larger spoons, and 6″ anchovies should get the job done. Properly adjusted sonar equipment will let you know where the bait is, and you’ll see the springs feeding off the bait balls. Get your gear down and adjust trolling speed accordingly for perfect presentation. A clip banger awaits you—I can feel it!

Lingcod fishing will still be hot, even Y with the added pressure of anglers targeting them in May and June while CM we waited for the salmon opportunities. Delta Power Paddle swimbaits are one of my favourites—the lings can’t help CY themselves. If you’re on the troll, keep your eye on the rod tips because you only see them bite once. If you miss it, you’ll be dragging them till you check your gear.

Prawning will slow down a bit after the commercial fleet has cleaned up, but there are always those secret spots that will produce daily bounties. Fish the tides, and know that fresh bait and weighted traps will give you the best opportunity for success. My favourite locally made prawn trap is the Bauer. You can’t beat it, and it’s sold in most tackle shops on the island.

Coho fishing is on fire! With the expectations and projections of solid numbers, we should be looking at fantastic opportunities. Head to the local tackle shops for insight on gear and rigging if you’re not familiar on how to target them, or reach out to me for tips.

Respect nature, enjoy the scenery, and stay safe on the water.