March 2024 Fishing Report

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November 17, 2023
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May 1, 2024

March April 2024

Happy New year my fellow fishing community !

We are in the tail end of the winter fishing season with hopeful warmer temperatures on the horizon. The typical wet weather will keep our local rivers fluctuating up and down. When the rivers rise the dirty water is a pain to fish in but the water will quickly come back into shape and the opportunistic fisherman will enjoy some fun days on the water to fill those remaining Chinook tags on your licence.

The resident feeder Chinook salmon provide in my opinion the best table fare of the year. I really enjoy prawning and crabbing during the winter months due to less boat traffic, as I aim to gamble my chances at the bounty before the commercial fishery begins.  Anticipation for the late spring bloom of herring and anchovies in Area 13 means the salmon stocks and marine benefactors will be thriving. Area 13 in March & April is like no other and the ocean provides the adventurer with a view into the primal rebirth of what 2024 will bring.

We are finding fish in the usual local spots in Campbell River, the Hump, Francisco Point and between the Wilby Shoal cans on the approach to Discovery passage which provide short rides to effective fishing possibilities. Fish the tide changes and get your gear on the bottom & troll fast.

Big shout out and special thanks to “Campbell River Association of Tour Operators” (CRATO) for the continued hard work and dedication of their passionate cleanup projects of our waterways and shorelines. Its initiatives like this that make a difference to the environment and the impact is felt within the wildlife, scenery, coastline and all inhabitants.

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