May 2021 Fishing Report

April 2021 Fishing Report
March 31, 2021
June 2021 Fishing Report
June 30, 2021

So as I figured we have been shut down with no answers, dialogue or communication from DOF as why we cannot have a Select Marked Fishery for hatchery Chinook in the Georgia Straight. In an interview the Fisheries minister wasn’t even aware of what a MSF is or how it could be implemented. The SFI has been lobbying on our behalf to get answers but the further we push the clearer the reality is that this has gone unmanaged and is being politicized on high levels of government. With some of the best fishing happening right now and customers waiting to book, I really hope we get our opportunity to selectively choose 1 fish per day and re-open businesses that rely on the public fishery.

In late May DOF has identified 3 areas in the Straight of Georgia that have 0 impact on the Fraser River stocks of concern. 2 of these locations are in Bute & Toba inlet and can be accessed from Campbell river with a 1.5 hour drive time till lines down. Check out the hourly rate for an adventure and let me know when you want to go fishing. The Reports from the guys at River Sportsman is the fish are hawgs and are plentiful