May 2023 Fishing Report

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February 3, 2022
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June 22, 2023




Exciting vibes are in the air as the fishing season approaches; it’s time to get our gear and boats tuned up for the adventures ahead. Update your chart plotters, sharpen your hooks, and get those engines serviced.

With the March herring spawn having returned to Area 13, the abundance of marine life is trending in the right direction, and positive projections are being whispered amongst anglers in the area. The snowpack in April started slightly above historical averages on the north island, providing and insuring the nutrients in our rivers that benefit our oceans.

The anticipated lingcod opening on May 1 will bring out the local warriors to enjoy the area. Prawning and crabbing still will be great at this time of year— just be mindful where you are dropping gear, as the commercial fleet will be out cashing in on the bounty, as well. Also ensure your gear meets the new regulations; the trial and education year is over, and I expect full compliance will be the expectation.

May is one of my favourite months for exploring Area 13 and the adjacent areas. Between the Red and Green Can markers within Wilby Shoals is always a good option. Get the gear on the bottom, and anything can happen, with the potential for lings. Maybe an elusive halibut will even check out your gear. This area provides some of the best views in the world, with the snowpack melting from the alpine peaks creating epic waterfalls and swelling river mouths. Whales are arriving back to gorge on their favourite meals, and their arrival triggers the rest of nature to take notice in a primal way.

Samuel Hicks