November 2023 Fishing Report

September Fishing Report
September 1, 2023
March 2024 Fishing Report
February 17, 2024

I am very pleased to report the winter season is off to a strong start, not unlike the past 2 or 3 years.  Winter fishing in Area 13 has its own primal majesty, the seascape is like no other and provides several options for the adventurer.

We are finding fish in the usual local spots in Campbell River, the Hump, Francisco Point and between the Wilby Shoal cans on the approach to Discovery passage provide short rides to effective fishing possibilities.  Locations with further travel from Campbell River include but not limited to “ Plumper and Deepwater Bay, Helmcken Island to Tucker Point, Shoal Bay to Davis and Thurston Bay, Henrietta Point off Stuart Island to the north tip Cortes Island, Channel Island, Brettell Point in Toba Inlet to the east side of Quadra island and the Sutil Channel” All these locations will have their moments this winter, fish the tide changes and get your gear down on the bottom. Troll fast and work your tacklebox till you find the right presentation.

When the weather permits there will be great winter fishing Jan – March for resident feeder Chinook salmon which provide in my opinion the best table fare eating of the year. Anticipation for the late spring bloom of herring and anchovies in Area 13 means the salmon stocks and marine life benefactors will be thriving. I really enjoy prawning and crabbing during the winter months due to less boat traffic, as I aim to gamble my chances at the bounty before the commercial fishery begins.

After the end of an awesome fishing season, the last 2 months brought a little well-deserved rest and down time to recharge.  I use the winter months to get a head start on my 2024 repair and maintenance budget planning. Any maintenance that cannot be completed with your own sweat equity is a good idea to get the work booked in with local “pros” during the winter downtime. The marine repair businesses book up fast and so to avoid the disappointment of not getting the work completed in May or June make your arrangements now.

3-night Kingslayer Charter bookings for summer 2024 are selling fast. With only a few spots remaining, if you seek adventure that challenges and charges the soul give me acall. I’m reminded of a great thought to get out in the wild and create some memories….

“You never see a Uhaul attached to a hurst”