Well, I took a couple weeks off and rejuvenated the soul after 52 days straight on the west coast of Vancouver island. I had the pleasure of some good friends visiting and enjoy back to back charters in our local waters. Everyone with a boat was out enjoying adventures, truly a sight to be seen at the dinner hour with BBQ’s smoking while reels were screaming. So cool to see the life of the sport fishing community flourish with abundance. 2 chinook per day per licence was an easy attainable feat once you found the right depth. Bait was everywhere and feeders were gorging before making the journey to spawn. Multiple Humpback sightings daily, Orcas arrived and did thing and the lifecycle of 2021 was almost complete.  We would cover a lot of territory, from the Wilby Shoals up the discovery passage through the Seymour Narrows to Browns bay. Onward to Plumper point to Chatham Point where the log debris and currents were only fishable during a slack tide. From there Davis point to Sonora point landed us some late season trophy fish.

With smell of October’s air arriving it’s time to clean up the boat and spend some time on land. It was an amazing time over the past 4 months, I can already taste next years bounty, memories and hear the laughter of friends and family alike.

Enjoy the winter and I’ll chat with you in the spring.

Captain Hicksy